Following its yearly tradition LSTS is once again co-organizing the Rapid Environment Picture (REP) exercise with the Marinha Portuguesa. This recurring exercise aligns the interest of our different partners together with the opportunity to put our vehicles to the test in open water environments in Portugal.

The primary goal of this edition of REP is to demonstrate synergies between aerial, surface and underwater robotic vehicles, focusing on communication routing strategies and control dissemination. Moreover, developments will put emphasis on multi-vehicle operations both homogeneous and heterogeneous in nature.

The standard expected objetives for this years execise are:

  • E1 - Search & Rescue with an UAV equipped with an IR camera
  • E2 - Water column survey with 2 AUVs
  • E3 - Control and monitoring through multi-hop acoustic network
  • E4 - Adaptive multibeam survey
  • E5 - ASV + UAV has communication relays for AUV
  • E6 - Multivehicle network control
  • E7 - AUV surface auto-docking
  • E8 - UAV flight completely autonomous
  • E9 - Wavy drops with Mariner
  • E10 - Collection of water samples
  • E11 - Water parameters characterization with vehicle formation
  • E12 - Swarm planning on auvs
  • E13 - Autonomous VTOLairplane Mission
  • E14 - NRP Trident joint operations
  • E15 - Manta Gateway Acoustics testing
  • E16 - Xtreme-2 Wreckage Survey
  • VIP - Lisbon VIP Day

Nevertheless, with the participation of the Portuguese Navy objectives of oportunity might present themselves which will in turn test the LSTS's operational readiness and hability to quickly react to dynamic and evolving environment.

At REP-2016 we expect to have a mix of students, faculty and researchers from FEUP (Faculty of Eng. Univ of Porto), NUWC (US Naval Undersea Warfare Center) and CMRE (Center for Maritime Research & Experimentation). Each group has specific objectives which have been carefully melded together for an ambitious field campaign that begins with deployments from shore but quickly splits itself between Navy vessels NRP D. Carlos I, NRP Auriga, NRP Escorpião, NRP Pegaso and between 3 land sites: Sesimbra Harbor, Troia Naval Base and Lisbon Naval Base.

During Phase I of this exercises, operations will concentrate on integration and fault detection. They will be performed in an iterative fashion increasing the scope of each operation as more elements are validated. 

In Phase II, operations will be encompass the full range of each individual objective. In this phase some of the operations will me transferred to the CMRE Alliance vessel. Moreover there will be operations concerning integration with the NRP Arpão

To see information about previous such field exercises visit sunfish.lsts.ptrep13.lsts.pt and rep15.lsts.pt